Tips for Finding Commercial Real Estate Listings in Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta commercial real estate market has made much progress over the last year. The suburban Atlanta metro areas which include Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Woodstock, and Roswell have helped to fuel the fire. There has been a great deal of new commercial construction in these cities and others. While the Metro Atlanta residential real estate market grows at a slightly above average pace, the commercial market has followed.

Large amounts of medium to large-sized companies have relocated to the Atlanta Metro area from other US cities. Some have come here for the large amount of Executive office space available in the newly constructed high-rise towers. Other companies have decided that the warmer weather is just quite easier to business in than the harsh northern winters. Any way you slice it, Atlanta has been a popular destinations to relocating businesses.

Atlanta commercial real estate

Atlanta commercial real estate

A large amount of high-tech companies have relocated into research and development parks, medical laboratories and setting up call centers within the Atlanta metro area. These companies have created many jobs and improved the city’s economy and job outlook over the last one to five years. Many of the Atlanta’s economic leaders are confident this trend will continue into the upcoming years.

Atlanta has a perfect centralized location. That makes it a great region for product distribution. With its three major interstate road ways, a large railway network, and the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta is one of the largest transportation based cities in the US. Many logistics based companies call Atlanta home and will continue to do so in the future. Large transportation based companies such as Delta Airlines and United Parcel Service currently call Atlanta.

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Listings

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Listings

As you can see, commercial real estate in Atlanta has much to offer all types of companies. Big or small your companies can excel in this wonderful city in the South. With high quality of life scores, great schools, and a warm environment, Atlanta is a great place for employees!

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Commercial real estate listings in Atlanta, GA are quite easy to find because there are many locations that are available for you to purchase that will be perfect for your office or business. You may alternatively not want to buy directly in the city and instead choose one of the sub cities such as Sandy Springs, Marietta, or even Austell. Regardless of where exactly you do decide to search for Atlanta commercial real estate listings, there are some things that need to be kept in mind while you conduct your search.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate

Meet Your Atlanta Commercial Needs

Although price is usually the first thing that people look at when they decide to buy a piece of commercial real estate, it shouldn’t be the most important because there are so many other factors that should be kept not only in the back of your mind, but also in the front. Space is one of the crucial factors. You shouldn’t look into purchasing a building that won’t be big enough for your current operations obviously but at the same time you won’t want to buy one that barely fits your staffing and client needs. The goal of many businesses is expansion and you are going to want to make certain that you get a piece of property that allows for it to happen. If you don’t then you may find yourself having to sell your property and in this declining market be looking at a possible loss on your investment.


Don’t Allow Yourself to get Impulsive

Many mistakes are made in commercial real estate because people don’t use their heads and instead act on impulse. This can frequently cause both companies and individuals to regret their decisions eventually. It may not be immediately but you may discover that a few months or even a year or two down the line you have regrets about the purchase and wish that it was never completed. Always have your Commercial Realtor do comparisons on prices and location, and definitely look at the price per square foot between listings to ensure that the one you’re looking at isn’t priced too highly. If a deal seems that it is too good to be true than it probably is.

Shop Around for Different Atlanta Commercial Realtors

You may find that the first person that you choose to shop around with isn’t exactly what you were looking for in terms of a Realtor. Some Realtors may be best suited for individuals searching for commercial real estate listings in Atlanta, GA, while others may specialize in the suburban areas. Commercial real estate can be quite intimidating if you have no previous experience in the field but take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions of anyone you come in contact with.

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