Great Home Money Saving Tips

Great Home Money Saving Tips

Great Home Money Saving Tips

 Whether you are saving up for your first home, car, or just trying to get by with what you have……..these unconventional money saving tips below can help achieve those goals.  Some you will find pretty easy, and others will take a little changing of habits.  All of these do not apply to everyone, but I’m sure everyone can at least take a couple of good points off this list.  Take a look and if you have a good one, please add it in the comments.

1.  Turn that T.V. off! A great way to save money believe it or not is to turn that T.V. off!  Not only does it consume large amounts of energy(especially if it is a plasma), but market researchers have found that the more T.V. you watch, the more apt you are to purchase products and services from advertisers.

2. Sign up for as many free customer rewards programs as possible. Most every company has them now, so why not create a Yahoo! or Gmail account just for rewards and coupons.  I know people that are members of 100’s of these programs and never pay full price for anything!

Great Home Money Saving Tips

Great Home Money Saving Tips

3. Make your own gifts in place of buying them from the store. The Internet has changed our lives in many ways, we now have the ability to learn how to do anything immediately.  You can now make food mixes, cookies, soaps, and other things very easily and inexpensively in your own home.

4. Turn off the lights when you leave your home! Did you know that if you spend one minute turning off lights before a two hour trip, that is almost equivalent to earning $50 an hour??

5. Sell books, music, and DVD’s on the Internet.  Utilize websites such as or even to sell and trade items.  Why go and buy new stuff when you can get used stuff for almost nothing?

6. Clean your cars air filter. Air Filters are usually pretty easy to get to under the hood and even easier to clean.  Cleaning your filter can improve gas mileage up to 10%, depending on how clogged it is.  Vacuum the filter for about 15 seconds, then take a damp cloth and wipe the excess dust off it.

7. Check Air in your tires. I can’t imagine how many people are driving around right now with low tire pressure.  Not only is it unsafe for yourself and others, but it costs you money.  For every 2 PSI that your tires are below recommended level, your car or truck gets 1% less gas mileage.

8. Get a crock pot. Hands down the easiest way to cook!  Place all of your meat and vegetables in the crock pot in the morning, and when you come home dinner is done.  Anything that is easy and can keep you from eating out will always save you money!

9. Carry pictures around for inspiration.  Saving money and being financially responsible isn’t always easy.  That is why it’s important to always be reminded of why you do what you do.  Carry a picture in your wallet or your phone of some of the reasons you are saving money.  A nice vacation?  Retirement? Or your children’s education?

10. Cancel the Cable or Satellite Channels you rarely watch. Cut your bill in half by eliminating those premium channels that you barely ever watch.  Most of those shows can be watched on the Internet for free anyway.

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