How To Make Curtains: Design Ideas

How To Make Curtains With a Sewing Machine

How To Make Curtains With a Sewing Machine

When it comes to do it yourself projects making your own curtains can be one of the most cost effective and personally rewarding ones out there. You get to choose the fabric and the curtain patterns and you also get to tailor it exactly how you need it. You can also learn how to make curtains out of sheets in just a few easy steps as well. All you will need is the fabric, a knack for sewing, and some time and you can make some wonderful curtains for your home. Instead of spending much more on curtains that don’t match the style of your home or personality make sure its perfect by learning how to sew curtains.

how to make curtains out of sheets

How to make curtains out of sheets

The first part of this project is finding the right curtain patterns that you want to look at for a long period. Measure out the windows that you want to cover and then buy a little extra for the hemming and cutting. Depending on the room you may want something lively or something dark. Tapestry patterns or flower patterns are very popular ways to go with curtains and there will be plenty of selection. Go to the nearest fabric store and browse the selection to find the perfect one. These curtain patterns will be with you for some time so put in some effort into this part.

how to make curtains out of fabric

How to make curtains out of fabric

How to sew curtains is the more strenuous part of the project. For the length wise edges of the fabric it is a great idea to just make a little fold and then sewing it over. It will make the curtains much less likely to fray later on from multiple uses and it looks great as well. Then it is time to make a hem at the top and the bottom of the curtains. The hem on the top should be slightly shorter than the bottom one. Around 5-6 inches is a good length. There are many variations on how to sew curtains but pick the hem size that you think will work best.

how to make curtains out of burlap

How to make curtains out of burlap

Curtains can also be made out of just regular old sheets that you may have laying around. This is how to make curtains out of sheets that will cost very little. Simply sew the sheets together to acquire the right length of fabric. Preferably the same design and color but they can be mismatched if that is your style! Then just follow the above steps on the hem and trim of the curtains and you’ve learned how to make curtains out of sheets.

Making your own curtains for your home can be easy and it will save you a lot of money. It can also be a very fun project to do with a friend or family member that has a thing for arts and crafts. Personalize these curtains so that they will make an impression on guests and make those who live there feel at home. This do it yourself arts and crafts project can add a lot without costing too much.

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