Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

Prepare Your Home For A Quick SaleEvery seller wants to sell their home fast and get the most money for it.  The first step in accomplishing this is to prepare your home properly.  Listed below are the main points that I think are most important when getting your home ready to sell.


Many of us are guilty of accumulating a large amount of junk over the years.   If you fall into that category(which most of us do), start filling your garbage can with that junk.  Or in some cases a roll-off dumpster!

Disassociate with the home.

One of the hardest thing for my clients to do is to dissociate themselves with the home.  Make it clear to yourself that this is no longer “your” home.  It is now a piece of inventory in the Wild World of real estate.  Changing that mental focus will help you out immensely when it comes to contract negotiation and closing time…… me!

Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

De- Personalize

Remove all of those family pictures, including the one with Uncle Eddie at the lake holding a beer with his shirt off.  The new prospective buyers want to envision themselves in the home and not be distracted by the past.  You want the buyers to think about themselves living in this home, not you.

Rent a Storage Unit

More than once I have recommended to my clients that they rent a storage unit to assist in the “De-clutter” and the “De-personalization” of their homes.  Storage units are a great place to put Aunt Betty’s heirloom couch and other items that just take up precious space.


Clean out closets and kitchen cabinets

I highly recommend this tip for smaller types of homes and condos.  Usually these types of homes have storage issues and you don’t want to portray that to prospective buyers.  If your closets are stacked to the ceilings and cups and dishes are falling out of your cabinets, that will definitely send a “lack of storage” red flag to the prospective buyers.

Fix Minor problems

Does the light not work in the bathroom?  Or is the kitchen sink leaking?  Now is the time to get all of the nagging small repairs taken care of.  Prospective buyers want to buy a turn-key home, and small problems are usually a turn off and point to lack of maintenance.

Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sale

Clean like you have never cleaned!

A DEEP cleaning is in order prior to listing your home for sale.  Wax the floors and clean the baseboards.  Hit the blinds, window treatments, and windows.  Polish the chrome, clean out the cobwebs, and make the inside of the refrigerator and oven look brand new!

Curb Appeal!

Last but not least is Curb Appeal!  Many industry experts agree that this is the most important aspect that needs to be focused on.  If your home doesn’t look great from the outside, prospective buyers will not want to go inside.  Make sure the landscaping is perfect, paint the faded window trim, and be sure to pressure wash the drive way and all other concrete.

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