5 Spotlighting Factors About Sandy Springs Homes

The city of Sandy Springs is ranked as the eighth largest in the entire state of Georgia. This is a good thing for people who crave the city life and want to be surrounded by tons of activity and people. It is also close to the city of Atlanta which is even larger. The three closest cities to it are Roswell, Buckhead, and Dunwoody. Sandy Springs is a relatively new city to the area but is quickly growing in size.  There are quite a few reasons that Sandy Springs homes should be considered for your real estate purchase.

1. Sandy Springs has great schools that are both public and private.

There are 11 different public schools in the city of Sandy Springs and 8 private schools as well. They are ranked as some of the highest in all of Fulton county. A valuable education is something that everyone can benefit from not only in the present tense but also far in the future for the rest of their lives. Education can also continue further to either community college, a trade school, or a 4 year university which can eventually lead to a bachelor’s or higher degree.

2. Sandy Springs offers locations for prosperous business.

Business is very strong in and around Sandy Springs homes. There is a specified business district in the city which is where you will find the head quarters of both UPS and Rubbermaid as well. Others include IBM and the Mirant Corporation. Fortune 500 companies aren’t the only ones found in the city though because many smaller businesses can be found all throughout the city as well.

3. Sandy Springs has a rich history.

Although the city was just recently incorporated it doesn’t mean that there is no history deep in its past.  The spring that the city is named for runs directly through it and has been protected as a historical site. Around Sandy Springs there is an outdoor venue and space for performances to occur. They even have a 2 day long festival held in September for the city to benefit from.

4. Sandy Springs health care facilities are abundant.

No one wants to imagine going to the hospital for any reason but unfortunately things do happen in life that may require a trip to the hospital.  Sandy Springs offers three very well known and reputable hospitals that are close in distance to one another and not far from some of the Sandy Springs homes that are for sale.  These include St. Josephs, Northside, and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

5. Sandy Springs offers great shopping and food destinations.

Of course what is life without some fun shopping or dining experiences every once in awhile?  Sandy Springs offers a wide variety of restaurants that will allow you to eat both indoors and pitdoors if you desire or even visit a four star restaurant if a fancier night is desired.  Perimeter mall is one of the hottest shopping places and includes stores such as Dillards, Nordstrom, and Macy’s as well for all sorts of shopping appetites. Whether seeking designer fashions or casual clothing it can all be found here.

The state of Georgia is a great place to live and Sandy Springs homes should always be a consideration.

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