6 Things To Consider About Milton Real Estate And Milton Homes For Sale

Milton, a booming city centered in Fulton County, Georgia, is a unique (and costly) blend of natural and urban attractions. Milton real estate and Milton homes for sale are a hot commodity right now, and for good reasons. Nonetheless, there are a few factors to consider when thinking of taking the plunge.

1 Milton Offers Natural landscapes

One of the major reasons Milton property is selling so fast is its gorgeous surrounding natural landscape. If you are always on the lookout for a scenic view, look no further than the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center, where you can explore cliffs and take a jog through its 1.5 miles of hiking trails. Breathtaking meadows, valleys, ravines, and hilly woods are treasured by Milton residents.

2 Country charms are abundant in Milton

Milton is largely unspoiled and much land remains undeveloped. You can indulge in old-town community perks like historic museums, horse farms, charming boutiques, and art galleries.

Residents often ride horseback through the countryside. Wills Park Equestrian Center is known for its many horse-related events, with barns and rings and is open all year-long. Big Creek Greenway is a paved path for joggers, cyclists, and roller-bladers that winds through the local wildlife.

3 Milton Offers a Variety of Modern Attractions

While Milton might not be as busy as a city-dweller is used to, it definitely supplies high-end entertainment if you can afford it. Shopping can be done at North Point Mall, The Historic Crabapple Crossroads as well as the Historic Shops of Crabapple. Families can play video games, billiards, drive go-carts and lots more at entertainment centers. The VerizonWireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park is hosts the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; art and community centers feature dance, musical, and theatrical performances. Milton will likely become more urbanized as demand for high-end subdivisions grows.

4 Beautiful Milton homes and communities

Grand properties are available in Subdivision neighborhoods, which contain up to several hundred estates in self-contained settlements, or open-road neighborhoods, which are smaller and follow country roads. Anything from brick town homes to old-fashioned cottages can be found. Whether you choose existing Milton homes or custom build your own, the one thing you can be sure of is a hefty price: homes cost anywhere from $300 000 to millions of dollars. Subdivision neighbourhoods such as Crooked Creek offer swimming pools, playgrounds, casual and formal dining, tennis courts, golf courses, and rooms for corporate and social events. More family and nature oriented neighborhoods like Crabapple Forest or Valmont are available.

5 Business Potential is High in Milton

Milton is perfectly positioned for business owners: very little land has been zoned for retail, therefore the stores that do open will see much business. Its wealthy populace is another perk to opening up shop in Milton: the average income is $100,000/year. On the other hand, it might be difficult to nab a retail spot with business owners vying for the lucrative property.

6 Property tax rates are low in Milton

The sales tax in Milton is 7% and home owners can expect to pay $3, 400 a year in property taxes on a $250 000 home. Property taxes have doubled on the last four years and Fulton County has a deficit of $115 million dollars, which might result in ballooning tax increases. Potential homeowners should also be aware that because Milton is a rapidly booming town, more services, infrastructure, and venues will likely become necessary and property taxes might escalate. Property tax exemptions are available to homeowners over the age of 65 and residents who earn a designated income. A Basic Homestead Exemption of $15, 000 is also available to residents.  The tax rate in Milton is among the lowest in the entire Atlanta real estate market.

Only 20 miles from Atlanta, Milton is perfect for people who crave a return to nature without having to give up their lavish lifestyles. Milton real estate is residential resort heaven, although most of us will never get there.

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