Alpharetta Real Estate Benefits – Low Crime Rate

One consideration that many people take into account when it comes to deciding on an area to move is how the crime rates are. When looking at crime rates, it’s important to look not only for the area but how they compare to the rest of the state and the country as a whole. Individuals who are seeking Alpharetta homes will be delighted to know that the crime rate for the area is much lower than the national average making it a very secure and safe place to live and raise a family as well.

History of Crime Around Alpharetta Homes

Crime rates have not always been so low when it comes to the city of Alpharetta. The rates have been consistently falling for the past 10 years and it appears the crime is going to continue to head in this direction due to increased law enforcement and behaviors of citizens as well. The crime rate on average for the United States has a factor of 320.9 while Alpharetta was at 709.3 in 1999. 9 years later in 2008 this rate had dropped down to 225.2 which is an incredible change for the better.

 Types of Crime Surrounding Alpharetta Real Estate

When it comes to crime factors the types of crimes that occur most frequently need to be kept in mind. Violent crime has decreases significantly as the years have passed while non violent such as burglaries and thefts have been the primary sources of the crimes that occur in the area.  As a result of a low crime rate in the city there is a smaller need for so many law enforcement agents which can save in tax dollars to employ them as well. The violent crime rating for the city is 196 compared to 760 for the entire state of Georgia and 676 as the national average. This is a great factor to take into consideration.

 Benefits of a Lower Crime Rate

People hear the term “low crime rate” and know that it is a good thing to take into consideration when you move to an area.  However some other benefits are offered by a low crime rate are not always well known.  The sense of security for not only yourself but the rest of your family is one thing that you should be aware of.  Another is that your belongings and the rest of your personal property are safe. Probably the most important is the crime rate may directly relate to the people that you associate with. There is a smaller chance of you or your children being around people who commit crimes with areas that don’t have high levels of violence or other criminal behavior.

Obviously crime rate isn’t the only reason that someone may consider looking at Alpharetta real estate in Georgia for sale but it should always be considered. Some other useful factors to consider include price of the homes in the area for sale, property tax rates on Alpharetta homes, and the levels of education that can be obtained while living here.

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