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Johns Creek Real Estate - Johns Creek HomesJohns Creek is in the northeast part of Fulton County, Georgia, east of Alpharetta and just east of the 400 highway that runs north to south. Johns Creek has earned quite a bit of recognition in only three years. Incorporated in 2006, the new city has become the tenth largest city in the State of Georgia, and the ninety fifth wealthiest in the country, boasting a population of around sixty-five thousand. There is a vast array of Johns Creek real estate and Johns Creek homes for sale.

Many people are rushing to buy homes for sale in the city of Johns Creek. This is an excellent location in Atlanta right now, with a homey atmosphere, lots of beautiful green space, excellent schools, and an abundance of activities for recreation.

The average home value in Johns Creek is around three hundred, fifty thousand dollars, and the median household income is just over one hundred thousand. In keeping with the above average size of new homes in the area, around forty percent of homes there have more than eight rooms. Five percent of households own more than three cars, which necessitates more space for garages. This all contributes to the high median home value, which is almost fifteen thousand dollars higher than in Alpharetta to the west. In that city, median home value is around three hundred twenty thousand dollars.

When you search for information about homes for sale in Johns Creek, Georgia you will find a tremendous amount of sites with listings for beautiful homes in a lovely city. The homes are new, because Johns Creek is a new city, so finding a brand new home for you and your family in one of its nearly three hundred subdivisions should be simple and enjoyable.

There are a number of beautiful homes for sale in Johns Creek in all price ranges. Single-family homes under two hundred thousand dollars are available and are quite impressive.

Johns Creek

In the under six hundred thousand dollar range, there are homes on the water, beautiful homes for families, and in all of the price ranges in between, there are gorgeous and affordable properties for sale.

There are great schools in Johns Creek, Johns Creek is proud to have been nominated as one of the Top 25 cities in the US in 2007 To Live to Go To School. Johns Creek schools are tops in the state. Some among the best in the state of Georgia, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family, with all of the recreational options available.

Another excellent aspect of Johns Creek and its real estate situation is the golf course and country club. The homes available on the course are fabulous, as are the waterfront properties. There are also affordable acreage available in the area. The entire area is a wealth of land and beautiful, stately homes of all types and sizes, as well as price ranges. Johns Creek real estate and Johns Creek homes for sale are readily available in this affluent part of Fulton County.

As you can see, when searching Atlanta real estate, Johns Creek is a great place to start!

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