Learn About Johns Creek Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Johns Creek HomesWhile looking for a home there are many questions you may ask yourself. It’s a big investment into your future and having information can only aid you in making a sound, smart decision. Narrowing down your search to a single city is a great step in that journey and you may quickly find that while searching for homes in Georgia you end up wondering about Johns Creek real estate and Johns Creek homes for sale.

Now, when you ask yourself that kind of question it’s important to know what you’re getting in exchange for your money. The real estate in any one place can be significantly more expensive but the question you should ask yourself is: What is this property really worth? In order to answer that question you have to look at the amenities offered by the homes you’re considering.

Johns Creek Homes

Tucked into the county of Fulton, Johns Creek is a suburban city. It has an estimated population of 70,050 and is the tenth largest territory in Georgia. It is also the wealthiest city in the state. Which a rich history and a strong state government, Georgia has a distinct appeal to it. Johns Creek is a highlight of many of those attributes, with connections to the Cherokee and a hands on Mayor and court system.

You can also feel safe within the city limits of Johns Creek. A police department and fire department have been running and credited in this fair city since 2008. The police of Johns Creek were certified by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement within two years of the department’s formation. This is an incredible feat!

Johns Creek Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Being a wealthier city, the demographic for income is higher. In 2007 it was recorded that the average household made $201,494 a year. There was a median income of $150,592, well above that of many other parts of the state.

Johns Creek offers a wide variety of activities to feed the mind and soul. It has the only metro-Atlanta symphony orchestra outside of Atlanta. In addition the Arts Center offers plenty of classes and camps for people young and old. There are also festivals held year round, including a musical and art show. There is even an annual food festival!

For those people who enjoy sports activities, there are a number of golf facilities, both private and public. There are athletic clubs including the site of the Atlanta Tennis Championships. Thanks to the Chattahoochee River there are many spots for paddlers, fishers, and boaters to enjoy the waters.

Johns Creek Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Johns Creek Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Johns Creek schools are not funded by the city itself. Still, they consistently are placed among the top in the US. One of its schools had won the Governor’s Cup three times for having the highest SAT scores. There are a number of public and private schools available as well.

The Johns Creek real estate and Johns Creek homes for sale are expensive. There’s no way around that tidy little fact. They can run anywhere from a little less than half a million to ten million. This location, however, is a prime example of you getting what you pay for. Don’t be scared off by the heavy price tags that come with this city. They’re that way for a reason.

Johns Creek is one of the most sought after suburbs in the entire Atlanta real estate market.

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