Parks Surrounding Sandy Springs Homes Make it A Great Place to Live

The parks that are found inside the city limits of Sandy Springs take up a large part of the city. They are huge hits for people who like to spend a lot of their time engaging in recreational activities.  There is no shortage of parks with over 12 available to the public. Sandy Springs parks cover 260 acres.  The various recreational opportunities allow everyone to enjoy themselves whether they are young or old.

 1. Hammond ParkThis is one of the most well-known parks in the area since the city was previously known as Hammond itself.  The various recreational opportunities are made possible by the gymnasium, a game room, picnic pavilions that are covered, tennis courts with ample lighting for night-time play, basketball courts, and a play ground for young children to enjoy themselves at.  Individuals who want to partake in gymnastics may want to take the classes that are offered for residents of the city. The youth is able to enjoy activities as well since they are sponsored by the city itself.

Hammond Park - Sandy Springs homes and parks

Hammond Park – Sandy Springs homes and parks

2. Sandy Springs Tennis Center

Tennis enthusiasts will love to spend a lot of time at the center located at Sandy Springs. It is one of the finest in the entire county and that is a big feat since it isn’t only the best in the state of Georgia.  Many tennis matches can take place at the same since there are 24 different courts for people to engage  in the sport. Other nice amenities include the locker rooms, a club house, and a professional shop too.

Sandy Springs Tennis Center

Sandy Springs Tennis Center


 3. Abernathy Park

This is a more well-rounded park since it has not only tennis courts but also a center for the arts and a playground for the many children in the city as well who in the neighboring Sandy Springs homes.  A plan was formed in 2007 to expand this park by adding more playgrounds, extra gardens, a plaza, and jogging trails that are lighted for jogging anytime day or night.

Abernathy Park - Sandy Springs

Abernathy Park – Sandy Springs

 4. Big Trees Forest Preserve

This is an area of 30 acres that is perfect for any individual who wants to explore all the beauty that nature has to offer. The trails are a mile and a half long.  Some of the trees are over 200 years old with the predominant type being white oaks.

Big Trees Forest Preserve - Sandy Springs

Big Trees Forest Preserve – Sandy Springs

 5. Morgan Fields Park

This isn’t a park that is as large as some of the others. However, it shouldn’t be discredited because of this.  There are T-ball fields, baseball fields, a football field for the enthusiasts of this sport, playgrounds for kids to enjoy while other people may be partaking in sports, and picnic pavilions for cooking out as well.

There are many other parks that can be found in and around the Sandy Springs such as the Island Ferry Park, Ridgeview Park, and Allen Park to name a few of them. The Sandy Springs historic site is also a location to see weddings and gardens as well.  As you can see, buying a home in Sandy Springs has its privileges!

Morgan Fields Park - Sandy Springs

Morgan Fields Park – Sandy Springs

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