Sandy Springs Homes for Sale and Relocation Information

Sandy Springs Homes for Sale and Relocation Information

The real estate market has not been the best in the past few years. As a result it can be rather intimidating and confusing to know where you’re going to move to. There are fears that you may have about the conditions of the housing market direction or the neighborhood as a whole. This is only a small factor though because when you begin to look into any area, whether it’s Sandy Springs real estate, or other homes located in the state of Georgia or even the rest of the country you are going to want to know basic information about the city or town as a whole.

About Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs is considered a large town or a small city depending on who you ask. The population has been hovering around 85,000 and it appears this number will grow in the coming years as the city expands to include more people and businesses. The city itself has four distinct neighborhoods that are recognized by its residents.  Located just north of Atlanta, it provides a great location for businesses and residents.  The average Sandy Springs home price is about 400k.

Sandy Springs Job Makeup

Most of the jobs in the city are classified as being white collar. Over 91% of the people who live and work here are employed in these white collar professions which are mainly focused on managers and professional officer workers. The predominant industries include sales and management. There are also plenty of people who work in areas that include mathematics and computers. This is a good indication of future direction since technology is the way the future is headed. The town is also relatively creative since many residents are employed in fields that require creativity such as the graphical media fields. These factors add to the appeal of Sandy Springs and make it the type of city with a unique appeal.

Sandy Springs Homes for Sale and Relocation Information

Sandy Springs Homes for Sale and Relocation Information

Sandy Springs Population Makeup

The population of the city is concentrated mainly on young professionals or recent college graduates who are headed into the professional workforce. This is good for the community because the younger population is likely to have children and start families to expand the already established population. Many of the people who live and work here have high class tastes in the arts and higher class methods of enjoying dining and artistic experiences as well.  Most residents enjoy easy access to Downtown Atlanta to enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Sandy Springs Demographics

Sandy Springs is a very educated city in the United States with over 60% of its residents possessing a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree from a university. The national average is actually less than 15%. The education directly correlates with the income levels that are average for the city. The per ca-pita income is $45,494. This amount is not only higher than the expected average for Georgia but for the nation as a whole too.

Ethical diversity is also something that you will get if you end up purchasing a Sandy Springs home. There are many races and ancestries found here as well. The most common include English, Irish, German and Italian.

No matter what type of lifestyle you are seeking you will be sure to find it if you make Sandy Springs your home.

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