Top 5 Reasons You Should Take Sandy Springs Real Estate Into Account for Your Home Purchase

The city of Sandy Springs is a relatively young one due to an incorporation date of 2005.  The previous name of the area was Hammond. The population of the city is a little higher than 80,000 and it was named for the Sandy Springs that are inside the city. They are highly protected and an important part of the area. Sandy Springs is located inside of Fulton county and very close to other popular North Atlanta cities. The size of the city ranks as the eighth largest in all of Georgia and as a result there are many homes for sale. It is close to Atlanta, Marietta, and Roswell also.

1. Sandy Springs Has A Rising residential focus

The city, although young, has recently sprung up in large part to being very residential and focused on the real estate market. One thing that many people look for when seeking out Sandy Springs real estate or homes in any part of the state of Georgia is the property tax rate. It can affect the monthly payments by hundreds of dollars. Sandy Springs is a very lowly taxed suburb in Atlanta when comparing it to the cities of the northern part of the country.

2. Sandy Springs Has A Favorable climate.

The southern portion of the United States is very well-known for having a warm climate and Sandy Springs is no exception to the rule. The summers are very warm and provide many opportunities to enjoy the outdoor activities such as sports or swimming. Perhaps you want to take a stroll through the nature trails that are available. Winters are cool but not too cold and the area does not receive snow very often, if at all.

3. Sandy Springs Has Much Availability of educational opportunities.

There are many different schools to choose from in the area whether you need elementary, middle, or high schools. Some of these include the Fulton high school and the Woodland Charter Junior high school among many others as well.

4.Sandy Springs Has a Lower crime rate than the national average.

Crime is a huge factor not only for people who have families but also anyone who moves into an area. It is reassuring to know that the crime rate is low. This is especially true for violent crime because the rate is 760 for the state of Georgia as a whole but only 269 for the city of Sandy Springs. The main types of crime that occur are property damage or auto thefts which aren’t desirable but less worrisome than other types violent crimes.

5.Sandy Springs Has Accessibility and features.

The location of Sandy Springs homes is ideal for anyone no matter what you may be looking for in a neighborhood or city. Local cities that surround it are easily accessible through the highways that run around the city. There are also hospitals and emergency services that are locally operated. Recreation is also available through the various parks which make sporting opportunities quite favorable and fun such as tennis, baseball, or even football if that is your sport of choice.

Sandy Springs homes have many benefits that surround their presence so look into.

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